You thinking or need a portrait session for yourself. A few minute walking from Naka-Meguro station, our photographer team will be here for you and will meet your expectations.


Corporate Shooting


We will work together to  produce a variety of unique headshots, I will come directly to you to create your studio-style or environmental headshot, for your employees for your communication needs : managers, executives, teams, craftsmen, authors, artists, groups, trombinoscope, …

from 25.000 ¥/1h  /  Digital Delivery via a Private Gallery  /  Post-Editing Available


Outdoor Portrait


If you want to create a visual keepsake from your time in Tokyo or just want some stunning images of yourself or your family.Weather permitting, we do beautiful natural portraits outdoors. No location is too odd or image request too quirky for this type of session.  We will plan a custom portrait experience that will showcase you in the environment of your choice.

from 15.000 ¥/1h (15 Post-Editing photos) + 1.500 ¥ per additional photos


Studio Portrait


A inside photo sessions studio for Alone, Couples, Child, Fashion, Makeup, Hairstyle, Cosplay, Professional Photo for book (model, model, actor, actor), portrait photo professional resume, …

Possibility to have a portable studio to install at the customer house or workplace

from 30.000 ¥/2h (30 Post-Editing photos) + 1.500 ¥ per additional photos


Event Shooting


An photo session In Tokyo for individuals, couples, and families, at a special event such as a opening ceremony ,seminars, conferences, children’s ceremony, birthday, festival … For follow you and immortalize your best moments during your special day.

from 20.000 ¥/1h  /  Digital Delivery via a Private Gallery  / Post-Editing Available


Product Shooting


For you selling a product online, for social network and in-store product sheet, we will create photograph lifestyle product or studio image for your business.

from 30.000 ¥/4 product  / Digital Delivery via a Private Gallery  /  Post-Editing Available


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